At Wool & Bovington Motors we are able to make a service plan evolve around your needs and whats best for your car.

We want to make owning a Ford as easy and convenient as possible – which is why we offer you ways to budget for the cost of servicing your vehicle.

For new cars and Commercial Vehicles, we have the Ford Protect Service Plan. One payment covers the cost of your servicing for up to 3 years – and works out cheaper than paying for individual services. It also extends your Ford Assistance beyond the initial one year’s free cover.

If you are looking for additional cover to include wear and tear, why not consider the Ford Protect Service Plan Plus.

If you’d prefer to spread the cost of servicing your Ford, take a look at the Service Assure Monthly plans by contacting the Wool and Bovington Motors service team on 01929 462248 or [email protected]

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