Latest statistics show that 75% of all cars now have air conditioning installed. Air-conditioning is most widely thought of as a cooler for the summer period however it also provides a vital support for the winter period helping with defrosting a vehicle or acting as a dehumidifier. The recommendation is that you should recharge your air conditioning system every 2 years with gas and lubricant, to ensure it continues to run efficiently. If you have not had your car’s air-conditioning re-gassed for 2 or more years it is likely that the air conditioning is not working as efficiently as it should be. This will mean that the air conditioning system has to work harder to cool your vehicle and will use more fuel. It is a valuable fuel saving tip to ensure that your vehicle has an efficiently functioning air-conditioning system.

Air-conditioning systems gradually leak gas into the atmosphere; this is lost at up to 10% a year. Your car will also lose gas more rapidly if the air-conditioning is not used regularly even during the winter or colder periods. The drop in the gas pressure will result in a loss of cooling efficiency.

Our air-conditioning engineers have been trained to undertake air-conditioning re-gassing and a fully certified with a Safe Handling of Refrigerants Certificate

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