AUTOPOINT- Winter Safety Check

Ensures your vehicle stays in tip top condition during the Winter seasonal change.

£39.99inc vat
WOOL AUTOPOINT:   01929 462263

What We Check

• Washers & Wipers
• Brakes (Visual Inspection)
• Tyres – Condition, Tread Depth & Pressures
• Lights & Horn
• Antifreeze Content & Level
• Screen Wash Added
• Brake Fluid Content
• Clean Lights & Number Plates
• Check Oil Level
• Check Condition Of Auxiliary Drive Belts
• Check Battery & Lubricate Terminals
• Plus A 1Litre Top Up Of Petronas Oil- Official Oil Of Mercedes AMG Formula1 Team.


Brake Fluid – find out more

Brake Fluid is Hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs moisture and water. Brake fluid is compressible whereas water is not, which is the main reason for a ‘spongy’ brake pedal. Brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years, or once it has reached high moisture content. It is for this reason that we test your vehicles brake fluid.

Antifreeze – find out more

As well as preventing water from freezing up, Antifreeze raises the boiling point of engine coolant to prevent overheating. It also protects your engine from corrosion, aids heat transfer, and prevents scale from building up internally. An additional benefit is that it also aids the lubrication of the water pump.

Tyres & Pressures

If a tyre is under-inflated by 5 PSI it can reduce the life by around 25%. Tyres that are not checked often can lose around 1 to 2 PSI every month. Ensuring your tyres are at their correct tyre pressure can mean your braking distance is significantly less.

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