Vehicle suspension/steering misalignment can result in rapid, irregular tyre wear, which is bad news for your pocket and can affect the handling and safety of the vehicle. If your suspension is misaligned by 4mm (just 2mm per wheel), then for every mile you travel the tyre is being forced sideways by 8.4m (24ft) on a car with 15” wheels. With 13” or 14” wheels, 2mm misalignment per wheel will result in even greater tyre scrub. No wonder incorrect alignment results in excessive tyre shoulder wear.

Our state of the art Wheel Alignment equipment will produce a colour print out indicating the misalignment highlighted in RED. Our Trained Staff will explain the effects this will have on your vehicle. Once authorised, we can rectify this for you and another printed document will clearly show the BEFORE & AFTER print out with your vehicle now showing the Alignment segments in GREEN indicating they are within the Manufacturers recommended specifications.

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